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Handicap Index

  1. A Handicap Index is a measure of a player's demonstrated ability calculated against the Slope Rating of a golf course of standard playing difficulty.
  2. It represents a golfer's playing handicap on a course with a Neutral Slope Rating of 113.
  3. It is calculated as a rolling average of the lowest 8 from the last 20 Score Differential (see slide 2).
Each time you submit a new score the average of the lowest 8 from the last 20 is re-calculated, which may or may not lead to a change of your Handicap Index.

There are additional safeguards to ensure that your handicap does not rise too quickly when you are going through a spell of poor form.

Low Handicap Index (LHI) 
Your lowest Handicap Index, during the last 12 months, is used as an Anchor Point to limit increases in Handicap Index (see slides 3 and 4).

Soft CAP
Potential increases of Handicap Index to a figure greater than (LHI + 3) are limited by half the amount above the Anchor Point (see slide 5).

Player with an AP of 12
You are limited to half the amount over twelve, so 16 is limited to 14 and 18 would be limited to 15.
Hard CAP
 The maximum that the Handicap Index can increase to is LHI + 5 (see slide 6).

Exceptional Scores
An adjustment to the Handicap Index after a very low score has been posted.

A reduction of -1 for scores between 7 and 9 below Handicap Index

A reduction of -2 for scores 10 or more below Handicap Index

The reduction is applied to the last 20 scores on the Scoring Record and drops off gradually over the next 20 rounds (see slide 7).

Transition Handicaps
Player's that already have a current CONGU Handicap will be allocated an initial Handicap Index when the new system comes into effect as described on the Transition Handicaps page.

To give members an insight into how things may work you can contact Glenn McGlade by email using glennzere@gmail.com. He will then run your last appropriate rounds of golf through a spreadsheet and provide you with the 'estimated  'Handicap Index' you would receive if WHS was introduced now.

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