WHS - What it Means to You and the Procedures

The principles behind the introduction to the WHS are to provide a unified handicapping system across the world that enables players to play any course, against any player on equitably. You will in essence have a PORTABLE HANDICAP that by ensuring the above principle should increase your enjoyment of the game.

You will no longer have a handicap, but a Handicap Index which is used to provide you with a Playing Handicap, which takes account of the difficulty and the tees of the course you are intending to play.

Your Handicap Index, provided you record scores, will truly represent the standard of golf you are currently capable of playing to at any course. This is achieved by taking the average of the best 8 rounds from 20 after certain factors have been taken into account from each round.  

What You Should Do
  1.  If you are entering a competition, then the procedures at the beginning are very similar; Pre-Register your entry and then establish your Course Handicap and depending on the tees being played from your Playing Handicap. Please remember that you will need to sign the Entry Book and pay your competition fees just as previously.
  2.  Go out and play your round
  3. When you return enter your score on the Psi system, or whatever computerised system the club is using, and hand in your card as soon after finishing as possible.
  4. Your score for the day will be processed centrally and your Handicap Index amended accordingly overnight.
You do not have to enter all scores, but if you are playing a round of social golf and would like it to be considered for handicapping purposes you must Pre-register your round on the Psi and establish your Playing handicap.
Upon completing your round you must enter your scores, please ensure you use the right course option as it does affect your handicap (if you played off the yellow ensure that is the course you choose). 
Please remember that the more rounds you record, the more accurate your Handicap Index will be and will truly reflect the level of golf you are capable of achieving currently.

When the WHS is introduced there will be conversion tables in all clubs, apps will be available for your phones and Club V1 will have incorporated a calculator to assist you in preparing to play. So if you like you can sit back and wait or if you want to know more the following pages should help, but may leave you with questions, which will become clearer as time passes and we become used to the system.

 To return to the WHS - Welcome page click here and at least familiarise yourself with the new terms and how they relate to each other. If you want a more detailed explanation use the links, slides and associated videos to gain a greater understanding of the system.

The last tab, WHS - Resources, contains a collection of videos and FAQs which may answer many of your questions.

Enjoy and play well.
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